Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The dust, the rumination...

The dust, the rumination
peeks from between my fingers,
a melancholy mistake of hair,
listening and whispering recycled
pleasantries with a smile.

I have forgotten where I began,
mindful of the stop sign,
a peaceful approach to living,
the unending questions:
how often does lightning underwhelm?

And again and again.
Upward and until the end, it seems.
First things first, vanquish aches
and pains. Then tackle the bigger,
louder anomalies
like tax evasion
and digestive problems.

Little by little, a cliche
in its own right (so is that)
you begin to be distracted
into elegantly folding paper.
This becomes a reason to breathe,
making shapes from simple paper.
Fold and fold
these tiny squares.

Mustache remedies and literature,
wasteful yearnings and thunderous boastings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Yesterday, I wondered if I could find art
in everyday places. Then I found you.

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